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Intimate CoupleAugust 23rd: Dr Carol and Al talk about the challenges to healthy communication in marriage, and key parameters to improve communication between husband and wife. We also talk about what a Christian marriage is NOT, and what it IS. We share comments from readers/listeners about a Christian marriage.

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How many times do you hear some say, “I look forward to board meetings!” But really, I do.

Now, these are not your normal board meetings. These meetings may be short or long, fun or serious, superficial or deep. The agenda may include topics such as prayer and gratitude, stress over money or health, fears or hopes about the future, children or grandchildren, or strategy in business and ministry.

I’m talking about the board meetings my husband Al and I hold every night when we go to bed. We’ve done this ever since we were first married, and I can’t imagine a successful, happy marriage without something like our board meetings. Sometimes those meetings are full of laughter and playful teasing. There have been times they result in tears. If we’re tired they may be very short.

Our board meetings don’t always solve every item on the agenda; that’s not their purpose. But they do make certain that things are clear between us before we go to sleep. We close the day knowing we are on the same side, facing the same issues shoulder to shoulder. We understand what’s important to each other, and usually feel closer than ever.

That doesn’t mean we never disagree, or that we never have problems. But having almost daily board meetings means that no wall has a chance to grow between us.

You probably don’t need to be told how important communication is to a healthy marriage. But although it’s vital, it may not always seem easy to do.

Some people find conversation easier than others. The conventional wisdom for years was that women were more verbal than men. But more study has shown that both men and women actually speak about the same number of words each day. Of course there’s a lot of variation, but men can talk too! And if you’re a wife, you may be in a good position to help your husband do this even better.

If communication between you and your spouse has been difficult, here are some parameters to consider:

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InformationIf you interested in resources about staying happy and healthy in just minutes a day, here are some Scriptures and resources we mention on the August 9th program, and more that we didn’t, that can help:

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