Are You In The Right Church?

Church against the skyThere’s a wonderful gospel song that proclaims, “God’s building a church!” Yes, He certainly is. And YOU are a vital part of what He is doing.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the church is made up of people. Broken, hurting, sinful people. The cliché is true: God’s church is a hospital for sinners, not a showcase for saints.    Tweet that.

If you’re looking for the perfect church, you’ll have to wait until heaven. When all God’s children are gathered around His throne there won’t be any denominations or brands, any races, any theological differences, or anything else that divides. We will all be enraptured by His glory and grace, and lose sight of everything else including our differences.

Until then, we must use wisdom and godly discernment in knowing which church is to be our home. There are some churches where deadly viruses such as legalism, false teaching, or religious abuse make growing in grace all but impossible. Some people are church hoppers: something happens they don’t like, and they leave. Others stay in an unhealthy or destructive church out of a false sense of loyalty. Neither is God’s plan.

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5 Ways to Deal With Difficult People

Feeling UpsetInto every life some difficult people must come. These are the people who make you feel small, stupid, and powerless. They’re the ones you assume you should have a relationship with, but you cringe every time you come in contact, or communicate with them. Somehow they have a way of making you feel like YOU are the crazy one.

Your difficult person might be your boss, your coworker, a sibling, an in-law, or even a parent. It might be a friend or classmate you developed a connection with before realizing how difficult the relationship would become. Whoever it is, they feel like a thorn in your side and you wish they would just go away.

A difficult person is not simply someone who needs your help. Here are some characteristics of a truly difficult person:

  • Refuses to take responsibility for their own life, feelings, and behavior
  • Turns simple challenges into major drama
  • Continually expects you to rescue them from their own problems
  • Makes you feel guilty if you don’t do what they demand
  • Blames you for any problems in the relationship, while demanding you stay connected
  • Responds to any help you provide with a demand for more, even if they voice appreciation at first
  • Has an answer for everything, and makes sure you realize that you don’t
  • Makes you feel confused, anxious, or “crazy” after interacting with them

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7 Ways Your Wife Needs You

Both husbands and wives need each other. This is a message to husbands. For wives, here’s 7 Ways Your Husband Needs You.

Husband and Wife Holding HandsWhen you first fell in love you probably felt like you couldn’t live without each other. She made you feel alive, important, and needed. Life was good.

As a husband, in the years since then it’s been easy to lose that sense of being indispensable. Especially if your wife has become somewhat successful herself you may secretly wonder if she really needs you all that much. If you’re bringing home the money perhaps you feel somewhat used and unappreciated. If you bring home less than she does you may feel more like a drag on the family than the man you want to be.

Saying “I need you” can be very hard. Sometimes it’s even harder to say than “I love you.” Blessed indeed is the husband whose wife says to him, “I need you!” If your wife lets you know where she needs you, be grateful.

But whether she says it to you or not, she DOES need you. Nobody else can do for her what you can do. She needs you in at least these ways:

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7 Ways Your Husband Needs You

Both husbands and wives need each other. This is a message to wives. For husbands, here’s 7 Ways Your Wife Needs You.

Man and Woman HuggingMany men like to pretend they are the Lone Ranger – self-sufficient, strong, and invincible. They often hesitate to acknowledge their need for anyone else.

But the truly wise man realizes that being a Lone Ranger is only a front. He really does need others, especially his wife. Voicing that need to one’s spouse may be even more difficult than saying “I love you.” But it’s just as important.

As a wife it’s probably no surprise to you that your husband needs you. You may respond, “Of course he needs me. I always knew he needed a lot of help!”

Seriously now, blessed indeed is the wife whose husband says to her, “I need you!” If your husband lets you know where he needs you, be grateful. But even if he doesn’t verbalize it to you as such, you can be sure he needs you in at least these ways:

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The Mind-Body Connection For the Christian

Thinking About GodYour thinking dramatically affects your physical health, your relationships with the people close to you, and your relationship with God. It’s not “mind over matter,” but God has given you a tremendous ability to choose your thoughts, and therefore your wellbeing in many areas.

We talked about this on the most recent Dr Carol Show radio program. You can listen to the audio archive here. Below are some of the highlights.

Negative or destructive thoughts can come to all of us. Messages enter your mind from media, from circumstances, from other people, and other places. When you hold on to those negative thoughts, patterns develop that lead to emotions. And ongoing negative thoughts and emotions can seriously damage your physical health, not to mention your soul and spirit.

Doctors know that ongoing anxiety or unforgiveness can contribute to such physical problems as insomnia, chronic pain, immune disorders, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and perhaps even cancer. The converse is not necessarily true: if you have cancer, it doesn’t mean you has sinned in not forgiving someone who hurt you. But all these negative thought patterns and emotions take a very serious toll on your body.

We live in a world where there are problems. And the negative thoughts and emotions we encounter often seem outside our ability to control. So what does a godly, biblical thought life look like?

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