4 Questions To Ask Before Taking Any Supplement

SupplementsWhile driving through a major US city not long ago I heard a radio host say something that surprised even me. She was a breast cancer survivor, so I can understand her desire to work hard on her health. But then she said, “I take over 60 pills a day. None of them are medications: all of them are supplements.”

60 pills a day?! No wonder the supplement industry rakes in something like $27 billion each year! Just look at the aisles in your favorite pharmacy, not to mention specialty stores.

That talk-show host is not alone. I know an elderly couple who was spending hundreds of dollars each month on supplements, and was having difficulty paying for other necessary items as a result. I also know an evangelist who travels with an entire suitcase full of supplements, and has his entire pantry at home filled with them.

Is all that really necessary? Are we any healthier as a result of the money spent on supplements? And how do you choose which ones to take?

My summary:

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7 Ways God Might “Educate” You

Life LessonsHave you ever sensed that God had something significant for you to do? Perhaps you even have a vague idea of what that something might be. But it seems so far beyond you that you wonder if the idea is just something you made up, or if it’s truly an idea God is growing in you.

Anyone who has done anything significant in life has had major struggles. They have had to face obstacles along the way, people who tried to stop them, and circumstances that seemed impossible. They didn’t start out knowing what they needed to know in order to succeed, and they failed many times in the process.

When it comes to doing something for God’s Kingdom the stakes are even higher. The consequences of success or failure may be as big as eternity. In fact God is so much bigger than we are that if He is behind the dream in your heart, it’s guaranteed to be too big for you. That’s just how God is.

No wonder Paul cried out, “Who is sufficient for these things?” (2 Corinthians 2:16)

God has given you something to do: that you can know for sure. Perhaps it’s raising godly children in a crazy world. Or writing a novel that will open people’s hearts to God’s work in their lives. Or establishing a place where hungry children can be fed and cared for. Or leading others into God’s presence through music. Or getting righteous laws passed so His Kingdom can flourish in your region.

Whatever the job, you’re going to need some education. Lots of it. And the bigger the job, the greater the necessary education.

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5 Ways To Help Your Husband Desire You

Happy HusbandDeep inside a woman’s soul is the desire to be wanted. God put it there. And all the feminism, the violence against women, and the other painful distortions this world has put on women, have not succeeded in drowning out that desire.

Do you want your husband to desire you? For some women the answer is a clear Yes. But instead of desirable, you have often felt pushed away, unimportant, and almost unseen. You may be tired of him wanting anything – or anyone – else but you. You remember what it felt like for him to desire you, and you would love for him to want you again, even though you might not be sure how to respond if he did.

For some women the answer is a qualified No. Being wanted has too often meant manipulation, selfish demands, and emotional and physical pain. Instead of a woman, his desire has left you feeling like a thing, used, abused, and used up. You might not even admit it to yourself, but you work at making yourself undesirable to keep from getting hurt.

Your husband is completely responsible for his behavior. No exceptions. But God gave you unique qualities designed to help your husband be the man God wants him to be. You know the saying, “Behind every good man is a good woman.” There’s a certain amount of Biblical truth in that statement!

There’s something extremely meaningful about drawing your husband’s desires your way. And you may be surprised at your own happiness and the stronger intimacy between you as a result.

Here’s how you can do that:

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Why Do Religious Teens Have Unprotected Sex?

Pregnant TeenAsk the average teenager going to a conservative Christian church to name the most important messages their church gives to teens. You’re almost certain to hear, “Don’t have sex until you’re married.” It may not be the most common message, but it’s certain to be high on the list. And many of them would probably say that’s the same message they get from their parents.

Of course that’s very different from the messages they get from most media, most schools, and most peers.

I will always remember a 15 year-old girl and her very unhappy mother who came to see me a few years ago. Jasmine (not her real name) had just found out she was pregnant. It was clear from the conversation with them that getting pregnant at 15 was deeply frowned upon in their family and their church. And an abortion wasn’t even a consideration.

I pieced the story together over the following months. Jasmine wasn’t “supposed” to be having sex at all. She hadn’t told her mother when she and her boyfriend became sexually involved, and she didn’t use contraception, thinking she wouldn’t get pregnant. Jasmine felt a lot of shame about what she had done, knowing it was “against the rules.”

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4 Things To Do While Waiting

WaitingNobody likes to wait. It’s frustrating. It feels cold. And it’s easy to let a seeming delay mess with your faith.

God sees time differently than we do. When He promises something, He will fulfill it – on His timetable. I believe God understands our frustration perfectly well. But somehow He never lets that interfere with His plans.

“Then why does He promise me something and make me wait? That’s even more painful than if He had not promised me anything at all!”

Perhaps Abraham felt that way when God promised him a son, and he had to wait 25 years before Isaac was born. (Genesis 15:5-6, 21:1-2) Perhaps David felt that way when God anointed him king, but it was about 17 years in coming. (1 Samuel 16:13, 2 Samuel 5:3-4) Perhaps the children of Israel felt that way in Egypt – for 400 years! (Genesis 15:18, Exodus 12:40)

Why does God promise us things, and then make us wait? And more importantly, what are we supposed to do while waiting?

I especially like the story of David in thinking about that question. David didn’t only get older during those years between the time Samuel anointed him and when he was crowned king of Israel. It was during those waiting years that he BECAME a king. It was the running from Saul, the writing of Psalms, the learning to lead his band of followers, and the trusting in God that made David what he was.

God does not promise us things so that we can sit back and wait. God promises us things to give us the faith and motivation necessary to develop into someone who can receive that promise!     Tweet that.

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